The Faculty Committee on Student Conduct is responsible for hearing cases referred by the assistant dean; or in cases in which students have elected to have their case heard by the committee.

At least two faculty members and two student members, as well as the vice president for campus life or representative, must be present for a hearing to take place. Cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct do not include student members and therefore have three panelists: two faculty and one campus life representative.  The committee makes its determinations by a majority vote.

2021-2021 Faculty Committee on Student Conduct

Faculty Members

  • Angela Perkins, faculty chair
  • Aseel Bala
  • Dave Mante
  • Tom Hill
  • Christopher Lee
  • Carlos Tavares
  • Nandini Sikand
  • Walter Wadiak
  • Provost’s Representative: Tim Cox
  • Provost’s Representative Alternate:  Simon Tonev

Student Members

  • Katie Gyves ’22
  • Alexis Fishman ’22
  • Trebor Maitin ’24
  • Matwos Tadesse ’24
  • Samantha Talecki ’22