Campus Expectations

These expectations are effective July 21, 2020, and apply to all students. The intent is to keep students, faculty, and staff who must be on campus safer. Our community’s health and safety depend on compliance with these standards.

As scientific understanding of the virus increases, it is likely that guidance from public health authorities and directives from the government will change. Please note the following expectations:

  • If a new guidance/policy is more restrictive than what is listed here, all students are expected to immediately comply with the new measures announced.
  • If the new guidance/policy is less restrictive than what is listed here, all students are expected to continue abiding by these measures until the College notifies them they have changed.

College campuses present unique considerations, and Lafayette may deem it necessary to continue restrictions longer than mandated by authorities. Changes to these expectations will be shared via email and updated on this website (


  • All students must wear face masks:
    • While inside academic and administrative buildings, including Farinon, Skillman, and Kirby Sports Center (unless alone or otherwise posted).
    • While on the shuttle.
    • Outdoors while within 6 feet of a community member who is not a member of their residential cohort. Residential cohort is defined as students who reside in an apartment or on a floor together and share common spaces such as bathrooms.
    • While inside lounges, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other community spaces of residence halls other than their own.
    • Any other designated location.
  • Students approved to access campus may not host guests who are not approved to access campus (including other Lafayette students) nor assist them in accessing College-owned facilities. Students who violate this regulation (host and guest) will face outcomes up to and including suspension, without refund, from the College.
  • Lafayette students enrolled to learn from home are not permitted to access facilities nor visit friends who are approved to access campus (i.e., students participating in Lafayette College’s testing protocol). Students who violate this regulation (host and guest) will face outcomes up to and including suspension, without refund, from the College.
  • While on campus, community members must maintain physical distancing (remain at least 6 feet from anyone who is not a member of their residential cohort).
  • The audio and/or video recording of classes, administrative meetings, or other video chat content without the permission of the instructor or person leading the activity is prohibited.
  • ​For guidelines pertaining to on-campus residence halls, please reference the Residence Life website.
  • As of Vice President Diorio’s email on 10.17.20, organizing and/or attending in-person gatherings in College-owned off-campus or private off-campus housing is not allowed until further notice.
  • Participation in daily symptom monitoring, testing when requested, and any other requests made by Bailey Health Center or their designee(s), including placement in isolation and/or quarantine /housing, is mandatory.
  • Support for students will be provided throughout the quarantine/isolation process, and academic coursework will continue remotely.
  • Any student showing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) must refrain from interacting with others in-person for any reason, and contact Bailey Health Center (610-330-5001).
  • Full compliance with requests for information from contact tracers is required.
    • Disclosures to contact tracers about violations of the drug or alcohol policies, or failure to adhere to COVID-related expectations, will not be shared with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Students from states identified by PA as high-risk are expected to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving on campus.
  • Community members are expected to follow all posted directions and guidance in buildings.
  • Students are expected to limit travel outside the Lehigh Valley during the fall 2020 semester. If special circumstances arise, students should communicate with Annette Diorio, Vice President for Campus Life, at

These rules apply on and off campus. Students are expected to behave with care for the community by not hosting or attending large events or failing to follow physical distancing guidelines.

All members of the community must comply with local, state, and federal guidelines and published procedures.

Violations of these rules will result in consequences up to and including removal from College housing and/or suspension from the College. Because violations create a significant health and safety risk for our community, an expedited process will be in place, and an immediate, interim suspension may be imposed while conduct is adjudicated.

*Due to the layout of the 512 March St. apartment building, which is a single building with multiple units and common spaces, residents will be expected to adhere to the guest policy articulated on the Residence Life website.


Last updated 10/17/20